giovedì 30 agosto 2012

Red noses... a lot!

So, I finally went to holydayssssssss!!!
And I drew :D

I'm also working on some test pages for a comics (the protagounist is the one in love in the 6th drawing), I hope I'll come out with something, eheheh :D

Oh, and I'm studying Cyril Pedrosa style (he's amazing!!! Go and buy "Ring Circus" and "Three Shadows") *^*
Here some copied drawings.

And a piece of an old man I did after these studies :)

Hope you enjoy ^^

sabato 11 agosto 2012

Train doodles!

As I'm working hard on a project, I'll post some random stuff here and there :)
"Here" is one, with a very special guest ;)


venerdì 3 agosto 2012

Painting, I guess :)

I'm doing some traditional art, 'cause I needed to take a break from the computer :)
So, here they are, the spirits of nature (river, country, city and forest).