lunedì 15 novembre 2010


If you look down you'll noticed that some days are missed.
Why I missed them?
I didn't miss them, but I'll use them to make a surprise, so, to avoid "spoilers", I cannot post them, sorry... You'll see them in time ;)
(too many "them" in this sentence XD

Anyway, starting from...

I was standing in the doctor queue and I was trying to find inspiration from people/objects in the room, while I noticed on the ceiling this strange, rounded lamp that seemed to watching me...

This just came out by itself... eventually, it was supposed to be a fish, at the beginning XD

This was made in a Bologna bar, in via Zamboni, as I was taking an hot chocolate (that later gave me many digestive problems -.- ) with a Lady ^^
She suggested a dust mite, that in italian is "acaro" and it came out to be an HACKER-o. :P
(made on a paper tovel, 'cause I didn't had any kind of paper with me)

And today animal, the swan, James Swan, I'll say, as it kept a Bond looking, dunno why...
Inspired by the same Lady of the day before. :)

See you soon, guys :*

lunedì 8 novembre 2010


I've understood one thing, in theeeeeeese days: I'm able to drawing something every day, BUT I'm not able to update the blog each day! XD
So, in order, here are my latest sketch :)

A little, hungry dormouse ^^
I used a photo as reference...

This was made on the train from San Giovanni to Bologna saturday night, as I was reaching some good friends there for some pub_chatting ^^
It was quite my expression when I realized a thing about passed and future new year's day...


This all started with a friend of mine asking for a zebra (yeah, I know that this is not a zebra, but let me explain...).
As my first attempt came out as a big nasty mix of lines, I started a new one, near the first.
But, as I made eyes and muzzle, I thought "You're not a zebra, you're a reptile, my friend!" and he just popped out of my pen ^^


And here we come, today...
I just made a tiny scribble (on the left) and transformed it in a little rabbit :)

(I used to do this game with a friend of mine at middle school... lot of fun and never listening to the teacher XD )

Hope you enjoy ;)

venerdì 5 novembre 2010


Just for fun, in a friday night at home...


Yes, yesteday I forgot about my daily post :P
Probably being away all the day influenced my memory XD
Anyway, just to keep the rhythm, here are two things:

The first one (yesterday drawing) is an echidnas (yes, I'm becoming a fan of this chubby animal ^^ )

The second is and experiment: I made firt the pencil drawing, then inked it, then made a scan and finally, while I was getting to coulour it as usual, accidentally, I removed the black-line level and, WO!, it worked even without it, why couldn't I try a different thing? And that's it!
Ok, it's not perfect, not even good, but it's a try ;)

P.S. this fellon came out in my dreams this night, I dreamed of having a little baby duck as a pet... don't ask why XD


mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

giant ?

This just came out today, while I was thinking about how to get a good painting from my pencil illustrations... :)
Yes, we're working for the Bologna Children's Book Fair... hope you like, just a strange worm ^^

after Lucca...?

So I went back... without a job, but filled with inspirational works... ^^
And, just to copy around, why shouldn't I do (or try at least) as Chris Ayers (
He's a great artist and a mindmotivator for me ^^
His job is amazing and plus, he's an animal lover as I am :)
So, here we are, a Yeeeeeah-na done today!
I know, is black&white, again... but I'm working on it... hope to get it coloured in a satisfactoryl way as soon as possible!

Enjoy... ^_^

martedì 26 ottobre 2010

Lucca: -3... ^^

So, -3day to Lucca Comics&Games and we're working (me and Boris XD )
Here are animals drawing... in "Bea's style" ;)
Simple, but they're just sketches, anyway...

A corn mouse:

A kingfisher...

And a hungy caterpillar ^^

And last but not least, my favourite, the Platypus XD

As you can notice, I've copied my friend Rita's idea about the added "logo" XD
Forgive me :P

lunedì 25 ottobre 2010

Du de dummmmmmmelo!

So, one week to Lucca... and it's raining... -.-
Anyway, just to keep the morale high, I coloured something for the comics fair ;)
So the firt is a worried/astonished Neki (he as just find out who is the story villain XD )

And this is the Querciagrande (Bigoak) village chief whit his friend Blink, the Hummingbird, and the wellknown Gary, the Firefly ^^

venerdì 22 ottobre 2010

Neki... & lucca is coming...

Yes, Lucca Comics is calling...
And I'm not prepared XD
Also, I'm working for the Bologna Children's Book Fair of 2011...
Quite confused, right!

Anyway, here it is a "Neki" I made in this days.
I'll post other things later.

And say "bye" to the little halloweeeeeeen black cat ;P

giovedì 14 ottobre 2010


Yes, I'm going on! The watercolour lessons are great!!!
And (don't ask me why) I've finally learned how to make realistic black&white drawing!!!
So here are some of my new works (sorry, photos were made with my cell phone >_< )

Bernini's David before

and after teacher's suggestions ^^

b&w turtle first step

and last step

and black&white owl...

Enjoy ^^

giovedì 7 ottobre 2010

in fondo al maaaaaaaar 2

And this is how Lucy would be XD


In fondo al maaaaaaar....!

And this is what Neki could be if he was a Triton XD

(just some random colors, didn't have time, sorry :P )

lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

In a little while...

...I'll be there... ^^

Ok, it's bee a while since I've posted something here, but is just because I'm very busy!
I'm working hard, and ot only on comics and illustrations... I'm also writing and working part-time... And maybe I'll paint on several walls of a bar! And I'm following a watercolour class :)

So my time to "surf in the web" is limited.
But here are some of the works I'm doing... enjoy ^^

A Bernini's David for my watercolour class:

Sample illustrations for my (maybe) future book (Neki RULES!!!) :

And cooking XD

domenica 29 agosto 2010

Back from the future!

Here I come again, back from holidays in Siciliaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XD
So wonderful!
Anyway, I didn't draw a lot, while I was away, so I've decided to put myself back to work as soon as I could, and here are the results.
This is my first "rational" watercolour. I didn't learned how to work with watercolours at school, so, this is just a try...
Maybe my illustrations for the will be made like this one, bho XD
So welcome my new character, this little Inuit with no name, for now ^^

Hope you enjoy ;)

edit: it was too small... ^^

Whanna see this film, waaa!"

mercoledì 28 luglio 2010

Louis is back again!

He loves to be an explorer, gh!

venerdì 23 luglio 2010

Changing habitz ^^

Hey guys, I've changed my blog banner (yeah, I'm coping other people ideas XD )
Hope you like, gh!

Koby's friends

This is Louis, an Echidnas (or Spiny Anteaters), Koby's best friend :3

And she is Cinnamon (Cannella) :)

Just playing together ^^

If you don't know what an Echidnas is, well, here it is, gh!

Yes, I'm always searching for strange animals XD

lunedì 19 luglio 2010

My Daemon, gh!

Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

Fun Loving Soul

You are an open and social person. When you are left alone you tend to get bored and restless, and too much time without social contact makes you fade away. A good night surrounded by friends and laughter soon perks you back up.

You are trusting and truthful, and you aren't good at hiding your emotions from friends or strangers alike. People need to take you as you are - and often they do. You are confident but not overconfident, sensitive but not touchy. You aren't afraid to give your opinion, or to let someone know when they have offended you, but you don't constantly fly off the handle. You simply want to make your thoughts and feelings known, and you are just as open to hearing others' points of view. Sometimes your friends feel slighted by you, because they aren't as open about their feelings as you are, and so you don't always notice when they are feeling hurt or down.

Your daemon's form would represent your social and emotionally honest nature, as well as your balanced sense of self. He or she would constantly be throwing him or herself into the moment - enjoying the feel of the afternoon wind, the throbbing beat of music in the club, or helping you argue your point.

Suggested forms: Meerkat, Labrador Retriever, Sea Lion, Lemur

Take The Golden Compass Daemon Test at HelloQuizzy

mercoledì 14 luglio 2010

Another one...

Made this afternoon :)


As I'm looking around for a job I'm also working on existent project, as learning how to make Geronimo Stilton by copying other authors... hope they don't mind... ;)

Geronimo Stilton is property of Edizioni Piemme -Italy. No infrangement intended!

Little Koby, the koalabear!

Here it is!
He's the protagounist of my new children book project!

I'm working quite hard on it, so I hope it will get to something.

Here you can find him in adventure mode:

And in sleeping mode ;)

giovedì 8 luglio 2010


Yes, I've got projects to show, but later, 'cause I'm working (hard?) on them!

Until that moment, hope my new haircut will satisfy you XD


Yes, my camera sucks -.-
And yes again, here I look like a guy T_T
I'll post another picture with a dress for lady XD

giovedì 17 giugno 2010


110 e lode!!!!!

And don't say that I don't look like Peter Pan with my laurel wreath!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAH!

domenica 13 giugno 2010

(excuse me)

Ma perché il mio sito non vuole comparire proprio per nulla su google? è_é

Giorgio Cavazzano

HE is the master!

And I've got a project to think of XD

mercoledì 9 giugno 2010

ju-jitsu journey ;)

Just a small resume of a very fummy day (sunday 6th of june)

Martial, very martial:

with kinetic movement:


My master (and friend) Andrea :3 (with me) :

just to break with the habit ;)

Thanks to Ludo, Andrea, Ape, Samu, Matte, Alberto and Master Rossato.