sabato 27 ottobre 2012

Other school proj!!

Studies made for my steampunk "turtle & hare" fable (revisited, obviously) ^^

The tarta's is pretty much as a nutshell, but runs like hell :D

The hare's is much more of an expensive model, all shiny u_u

I need to make some changes, to adapt these better, but just beginning to work on it :)
Hope you like!!

domenica 21 ottobre 2012

4 school

So, I just started with my homeworks: digital painting in photoshop ^^
I know these are not good enough, but wanted to share, hope you enjoy :)

martedì 9 ottobre 2012

after-workshop :)

These is what came out after a Bobby Chiu-Kei Acedera Workshop at Nemoland <3 p="p">
Hope you like :)

(the last one got a small "fan" on the train Bologna-Firenze :D )

mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012

Tea?! And then Toothbrush :D

These is what came after a non-productive morning. The afternoon went better ;)