venerdì 18 luglio 2014


Day 3: onion (poket watch :P )

mercoledì 16 luglio 2014


Day 2, and go on... :)

martedì 15 luglio 2014


So, with some friends we are making a sketch-challenge, 30 days random words... First one was "kayak"  :P

domenica 15 giugno 2014

martedì 10 giugno 2014


Moon was thinking of Raven...  U_U


And this one was a test for a contest :)

Tudududum *snap* *snap*

So, another proj for school :)
I always loved the Addams Family, so here it is ^^

domenica 8 giugno 2014

Verne is here!

I'm showing finally the works I've made for some school proj :)
This one was made over the Travel around the World in 80 Days.

Hope you like it! :D

sabato 29 marzo 2014

Journey (5/5)

I guess it's just a beginning :D

Journey (4/5)

domenica 16 marzo 2014

giovedì 13 marzo 2014

Journey 2/5

I'm one of the 96 finalist illustrators of the  Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival!!!!
Journey went much more far away than I expected *^*

To celebrate, I'll post all of the 5 illustrations in these days :D

Hope you like them as they did!!!  <3 span="">

venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

Would you be my Valentine?

Just spreading some love ^^

giovedì 30 gennaio 2014

1 out of 5

Today I've sent my illustration for a contest I've been invited to.
Cross-finger, eyes wide open and the first one out of five illustrations I've made.

Wish me luck ;)
(and I hope you like them!)