sabato 24 dicembre 2011

Merry xmas...?

(forgive me, it was made without the wacom T_T )

Have some nice holidaysssssss! :D

venerdì 9 dicembre 2011

Base of the Tower, finally...

And this is th tower base (I have to correct many things, anyway!!!)

Also © Nemo NT

Sooner I'll post some of my "classic" stuff (puffish, cuddle pg) :D

We all need to travel :)

Some wip (almost def?) of ices and lakes transports for school.
I wish I had a different line, more sharp, I guess... :/



Later I'll post even the walk through ;)

These are © even to Nemo NT, if you steal them, they'll find you and kick your ass till the end of time XD

domenica 20 novembre 2011

ice_steampunk_tower XD

The cursed tower of ice and metal (still working on it) Enjoy! :D

(also © Nemo NT )

Sketching around...

As I'm working for a Nemo NT homework, I use the time between "ice_steampunk_towers" to play around with some of the "possible" character in my head :D

This is a Guard of the ice_steampunk_tower, sick to be on his guard turn:

A sort of ice dragon (ok, it has nothing to do with ice, except for the rock, I know it XD ):

And.... a duck boat XD
Don't ask me where it comes from!

domenica 13 novembre 2011


Just some fun while doing a perspective of a tower...
Somebody was hungry XD

venerdì 11 novembre 2011

Back to Neki...

I made these pages for the Angouleme BD fair 2011 (january).. A little bit late? XD
Anyway, hope you like!
Thought for a coloured version :)

mercoledì 26 ottobre 2011

Monster friends ^^

Dunno why, I didn't post these old friend of mine... :)

domenica 16 ottobre 2011

Xmas, last year... :)

Old work for the xmas period on a Pizzeria window, hope you like (maybe I'll find job for this months XD )

Preparatory drawing:

Finally, Day view:

Night view:


Some WIP:

And a Small SnowMan made inside the pizzeria:

martedì 4 ottobre 2011

So, I'm eventually here in Florence ^^
And I'm searching for a job, desperately *-*
But on my "coffee break" I'm doing my best to remember myself why I'm here, that is.... drawing XD
And so, this is yesterday & today resume :)

Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih XD

This is the beautiful reference for the face_drawing :)

lunedì 26 settembre 2011

"Polaroid" :D

So, these are my "Fantasy Polaroid" ^^

Eolambda Ferox

Ranfomimus Terribilis

Stegomimus Palustris

Mioippus Gracilis

and Titanoceratops Robustus

sabato 24 settembre 2011

Finally, here we are!

I've finished my Bologna Children's Fair book proj for the illustrator contest :D
I should say "almost finished", 'cause they'll look like a bit different (you'll see), but it's a minor problem, eheheh! ^^

So, I've find out that acrylic & coloured pencils work just fine together (yes, hot water, I'm a genius XD ). I used them for small stupid particulars, and they're heeeeeere!

Alga is the first, already seen, one :)

Porkus, a friend of mine XD
My camera got problems, so I don't have a wip of this -.-"

This is not my favourite, but I've adjusted it (before was.... can I say just "worst"? ) XD
Wip & definitive:

A pretty much strange Octopus, wip & completed:

(love this photo *-* )

And this is Nocturno, wip and finished ^^

Hope you like, comments please ^^

sabato 10 settembre 2011


Almost finished... hope so ;P

venerdì 9 settembre 2011


Just to let you know I'm doing something XD

(for Bologna Children's Book Fair)

martedì 23 agosto 2011

Cats, a lot... and accordion XD

As for birds, but here I was waiting for the doc...
Uh, the man is a real person who entered the waiting room playing the accordion XD

Have a nice week, I'm going to the SEA!!!! ^^

lunedì 22 agosto 2011

Birds, a lot... :)

Style exercise, you can call it like that! ^^
Today I've tried to make some shape exerc.... enjoy ;D

mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

The shippppppp!

Finally, after a lot of cut-ing and glue-ing I'm done :D
First, I made the ocean... (ok, it sounds too much like a goddish thing, I know... XD )

Then the Corsaro Nero's Ship:

And this is the (almost?) finished ship, with clouds ^^

Not too bad, for a first try, uh? Well, beauty is in the drunk man eye, you know XD