domenica 31 gennaio 2010

Again, koalasssss

Pag 26



Pag 29

Pag 30

Another one and that section is finished!

sabato 30 gennaio 2010

pag 24- second run

And page 25

Use these, Rita ^^

venerdì 29 gennaio 2010

Pag 24

Why am I adding this page?
'cause Rita will be so kind and help me in coloring this section of the story ^^
So I need her to see this :D

Thank you soooooooo much!!!!


Ok people, I'm not dead... maybe I will, but I'm still alive.
I'm just workin' hard for my comic, 'cause time is running away T_T
Sooner I'll post some pages...
Page 24 (of 46) is waiting me, so... OMG... *_*


giovedì 21 gennaio 2010

again ^^

Made new following Rita's suggestions.
And 2 more.
I like the second one... ^^


lunedì 18 gennaio 2010


If you don't now him.... well, go to his site, NOW!

2nd try

Ok, I tried to follow Mr Possenti suggestion (so charming, my dear! *_* )
So, it was made in just 5 minutes 'cause now I'm in the theoretical thesis at all, but I changed Ian in the first scene and modified the trees... (ok, the flower is always the same, but I'll change it, believe me!)

Please, say something to me as Christopher did, I NEED IT!!! T_T

Less clean because of time...

I should add some trees, yes -.-"

domenica 17 gennaio 2010

Me, the reindeer.... ^^

That was made (I think) a year ago, in Bologna.
Rita sent it to me for fun (I'm very stressed in that period), to make me laugh...
It worked XD

Bye from Rudolf :P

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy XD

Yesterday I spent 3 hours and more (yes, I'm slow, don't smirk!) without pauses (no drink, no food, no toilet!) in doing this, my first page for my thesis comics.
That probably caused my cold of today, but it doesn't metter!

I need every advice, every comment, every suggestion about that, and even every criticism, especially every criticism!!!
Please, help me to improve!!! I need you *_*

Anyway, hope you like it. ^^

It needs to be colored, yes ;)

venerdì 15 gennaio 2010


And now, for those who (I know, don't try to hide it) were waiting, trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Please, welcome BORISSSSSSSSS!

Yeah, I know not all of you know about Boris, so...

He is my Brain Hamster.
He is the one who rules my behaviour (yes, it's not my fault at all!!!) and he is the "because" to all my "why" XD
Some times he get trapped in the hamster wheel, but these are just particulars, right?!

Ah, I almost forgot: he is a Russian Hamster (yeah, the name sound like that) but most of all, he is a noble Russian Hamster, that's why he treats himself that good and me that bad XD



Find out your brain animal! I want to see him or her!
Rita, for you is easy ;)



Ok, I don't spend so much time by looking up and wondering, but I wish I could...

And that was yesterday, while going to ju-jitsu :)

Yes, that's my car, my 500 ^^

Nice, that was a double hour when I posted... ;)

giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

Just joking...

Just a wallpaper of thoughts... ^^

Maybe too big for some video, but for mine works, gh!

Help! I need somebody Help!

Now, tell me how am I supposed to translate it in a comic book O_o
Waiting for suggestion...

(Ora, ditemi come dovrei tradurlo in un fumetto O_o
Aspetto suggerimenti...)

Yes, I don't know how to put a video online, don't laugh so laud!

mercoledì 13 gennaio 2010

Just looking up to the sky

One thing that I've noticed in these days, while working on this thesis (and the children taught it to me) is that, as they think that their own monster is the "most monstrous" compared to the one that other children may know, the adults (if they could be named adult, in some cases) have the same consideration about their problems compared to the other human beings...

Obviously I'm in that large group too, sometimes...

Yes, another time, the about_me blog is open XD

martedì 12 gennaio 2010


There is NO WAY I'm gonna get out of here without an ANSWER!

Put it in your mind.

'Cause I know you'll take a look at that.

lunedì 11 gennaio 2010

don't you think...?

I should be writing my theoretical graduation thesis right now... -.-
That's why this drawing is so bad...

This blog is becoming a self celebrative or_something_like_that thing...
Hope to change it XD

Pensiero=Thought :)

domenica 10 gennaio 2010


Feeling like I was hung upside down like him...

What if time is not enough?

Like a child...

That was quite my expression when we arrived on the Presena glacier... Such a silence, such a peace...
I was feeling like a baby who looks at the world and feels like it is too big for her...

Wonderful... ^^

Under the drawing is written "Sentirsi marmocchi. Esserlo, forse..." that means "Feeling like a child. Being it, maybe..."

sabato 9 gennaio 2010

Just for fun...

While I was thinking, everyone else away from home...

as now...

Back again!

Hi folks!
Finally come back from the mountain ^^
Such beautiful things happens to those who waits... such as SNOWBOARDING!!!
I did it, after 3 years waiting, I did it *_*
That was gorgeous! What a sensation to run down the hill as the speed increase :D

That is a drawing I made the first time I managed to get down the hill without falling, gh!
Sorry for the paper, but I forgot all my stuff at home ( -.- ) so I made it on an used bread bag XD

Byez! :)

Go and try snowboarding!!!!!

venerdì 1 gennaio 2010


First of all, Happy New Year!!!! :D
Ok, I slept only 5 hours, so forgive my english XD

Yes, I'm going away, for holidays or something like that...
Maybe some snowboard...
See you the 9th, for those who want... ^^