lunedì 26 settembre 2011

"Polaroid" :D

So, these are my "Fantasy Polaroid" ^^

Eolambda Ferox

Ranfomimus Terribilis

Stegomimus Palustris

Mioippus Gracilis

and Titanoceratops Robustus

sabato 24 settembre 2011

Finally, here we are!

I've finished my Bologna Children's Fair book proj for the illustrator contest :D
I should say "almost finished", 'cause they'll look like a bit different (you'll see), but it's a minor problem, eheheh! ^^

So, I've find out that acrylic & coloured pencils work just fine together (yes, hot water, I'm a genius XD ). I used them for small stupid particulars, and they're heeeeeere!

Alga is the first, already seen, one :)

Porkus, a friend of mine XD
My camera got problems, so I don't have a wip of this -.-"

This is not my favourite, but I've adjusted it (before was.... can I say just "worst"? ) XD
Wip & definitive:

A pretty much strange Octopus, wip & completed:

(love this photo *-* )

And this is Nocturno, wip and finished ^^

Hope you like, comments please ^^

sabato 10 settembre 2011


Almost finished... hope so ;P

venerdì 9 settembre 2011


Just to let you know I'm doing something XD

(for Bologna Children's Book Fair)