sabato 24 settembre 2011

Finally, here we are!

I've finished my Bologna Children's Fair book proj for the illustrator contest :D
I should say "almost finished", 'cause they'll look like a bit different (you'll see), but it's a minor problem, eheheh! ^^

So, I've find out that acrylic & coloured pencils work just fine together (yes, hot water, I'm a genius XD ). I used them for small stupid particulars, and they're heeeeeere!

Alga is the first, already seen, one :)

Porkus, a friend of mine XD
My camera got problems, so I don't have a wip of this -.-"

This is not my favourite, but I've adjusted it (before was.... can I say just "worst"? ) XD
Wip & definitive:

A pretty much strange Octopus, wip & completed:

(love this photo *-* )

And this is Nocturno, wip and finished ^^

Hope you like, comments please ^^

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