lunedì 8 novembre 2010


I've understood one thing, in theeeeeeese days: I'm able to drawing something every day, BUT I'm not able to update the blog each day! XD
So, in order, here are my latest sketch :)

A little, hungry dormouse ^^
I used a photo as reference...

This was made on the train from San Giovanni to Bologna saturday night, as I was reaching some good friends there for some pub_chatting ^^
It was quite my expression when I realized a thing about passed and future new year's day...


This all started with a friend of mine asking for a zebra (yeah, I know that this is not a zebra, but let me explain...).
As my first attempt came out as a big nasty mix of lines, I started a new one, near the first.
But, as I made eyes and muzzle, I thought "You're not a zebra, you're a reptile, my friend!" and he just popped out of my pen ^^


And here we come, today...
I just made a tiny scribble (on the left) and transformed it in a little rabbit :)

(I used to do this game with a friend of mine at middle school... lot of fun and never listening to the teacher XD )

Hope you enjoy ;)

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  1. quel coniglio è una cipolla!!! quel coniglio è una cipolla!!!! uaaah XD