lunedì 15 novembre 2010


If you look down you'll noticed that some days are missed.
Why I missed them?
I didn't miss them, but I'll use them to make a surprise, so, to avoid "spoilers", I cannot post them, sorry... You'll see them in time ;)
(too many "them" in this sentence XD

Anyway, starting from...

I was standing in the doctor queue and I was trying to find inspiration from people/objects in the room, while I noticed on the ceiling this strange, rounded lamp that seemed to watching me...

This just came out by itself... eventually, it was supposed to be a fish, at the beginning XD

This was made in a Bologna bar, in via Zamboni, as I was taking an hot chocolate (that later gave me many digestive problems -.- ) with a Lady ^^
She suggested a dust mite, that in italian is "acaro" and it came out to be an HACKER-o. :P
(made on a paper tovel, 'cause I didn't had any kind of paper with me)

And today animal, the swan, James Swan, I'll say, as it kept a Bond looking, dunno why...
Inspired by the same Lady of the day before. :)

See you soon, guys :*

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