venerdì 5 novembre 2010


Yes, yesteday I forgot about my daily post :P
Probably being away all the day influenced my memory XD
Anyway, just to keep the rhythm, here are two things:

The first one (yesterday drawing) is an echidnas (yes, I'm becoming a fan of this chubby animal ^^ )

The second is and experiment: I made firt the pencil drawing, then inked it, then made a scan and finally, while I was getting to coulour it as usual, accidentally, I removed the black-line level and, WO!, it worked even without it, why couldn't I try a different thing? And that's it!
Ok, it's not perfect, not even good, but it's a try ;)

P.S. this fellon came out in my dreams this night, I dreamed of having a little baby duck as a pet... don't ask why XD


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